The Monad is a spark of the Divine Fire, a light-beam of the Divine Light, a fragment of the Divine Life, a projection of the First Logos.

The Soul OR Supracausal body is a projection of the Monad. The relation of the Soul to the Monad is as the circle to the point of the circle. The soul consists of the so called higher triad: atman (Will), budhi (Activity) and Higher manas (wisdom).

The personality is a projection of the Soul. Its relation to the Soul is as a free electron to an atom. The personality consists of the so called lower triad: Lower Manas (intellect), Kama (desires) and Stula (material body).

The causal body owes its name to the fact that in it are residing the causes, which will manifest themselves in the lower planes. It is a vehicle, a chalice for the Soul and expresses all the soul qualities, which the personality has acquired. Only humans have a causal body.

We will reflect on the Macrocosmic process of and in creation and afterwards on the microcosmic process.

The Monad
During every Day of Brahma (creation-period of millions of years) there are created Monads. These Monads project their radiance in the different spheres through the impulses of the First Logos and will be united again with the First Logos before the end of the Day of Brahma. Then follows a Night of Brahman (a non-creation period of millions of years) and in the next Day of Brahma the Monads will go through a higher cycle of development within matter.
The Monad as described in the Theosophical school is the Jivatma of the Indian philosophy, the Purusha of the Samkya philosophy, the Manifested Self of the Vedanta, as Kether in the Qaballistic doctrine.

The Monads come forth from the highest region of Consciousness, Adi (= the first), but reside as a manifestation thereof on a lower plane, the plane of Anudapaka (=without vesture). The Monad on the Anudapaka-plane does not have vehicles of expression yet. It’s important to note that the fields of Consciousness called Adi and Anudapaka exist before the forming of this Universe, of this solar system. There are 7 types of Monads, which correspond with the 7 Planetary Logoi.(The Planetary Logoi are emanations of the Solar Logos.)

Adi is synonym to the Qaballistic concept of “Ain Soph” and Anudapaka similar to “Ain Soph Aur”

Formation of the planes
Before the Monads are projected by the First Logos, the Third Logos (Other names of the Third Logos in different mystical philosophies are: the Holy Ghost, Shiva, Cosmic Architect of the Universe.) works on the primordial matter by throwing its three qualities tamas (inertia), rajas (mobility) and sattvas (rhythm) out of their stable equilibrium into different forms of equilibrium. And so are formed the atoms of the five planes of Atman, Buddhi, Manas, Kama and Stula..
Under the directive activity of the Third Logos the atoms of each of these planes are awakened to new powers and possibilities of attraction and thus are formed the different molecule-structures. This work of the Third Logos is usually spoken of as the First Life Wave or the First Outpouring.

Into the matter formed and vivified through the Third Logos descends then a second Life Wave coming forth from the Second Logos, the Son of the Father. The Second Logos is also called the Weaver for it weaves out of the matter formed by the Third Logos the different Kingdoms (the three elemental kingdoms, the mineral kingdom, the vegetative kingdom, the animal kingdom). The Second Outpouring brought a great differentiation on the different planes of Life. The Second Outpouring brings with it beings of previous stages of evolution to inhabit the three elemental Kingdoms.
The activity of the Second Logos in the field of Stuhla is known as Life Force and in the field of Buddhi as Christ Consciousness.

The attachment of the atoms of the Higher Triad.
After the forming of the five planes, the Monads, which were waiting on the Anudaka-plane, began their process of individualization through the Third Outpouring produced by the First Logos. Now they began to radiate out their energy and they appropriated to themselves atoms of the lower planes. A Monad has three aspects of consciousness- Will, Wisdom and Activity. After the planes of Atma, Budhi and Manas were brought forth by the Second Outpouring /the Second Life stream they sent out a vibratory wave from each of their aspects to the Atmic, Budhic and manasic plane by which the Atmic permanent atom, the Budhic permanent atom and the manasic permanent atom were formed..
These atoms form the Monadic ray, the Higher Triad, the Soul. The higher Triad, which is formed by only a fragment of the Monad, has the full power of the Monad, though lessened in force by the veils of matter round it.

The Monads dwell always beyond the five planes, they stay on the Anudapaka-plane. In that sense they are the silent spectators of the results of their radiation.

The Monad can and does affect the Higher Triad, but exerts only an indirect action on the permanent atoms of the Lower Triad.

The attachment of the atoms of the lower Triad.
The Higher Triad -Atma, Budhi, Manas – projected the Mental, Astral and Physical permanent atoms -the Lower Triad of Manas, Kama and Stuhla- so to be visible in the Physical Universe.
This visible manifestation goes through the different Kingdoms, the mineral kingdom, the vegetative kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom. As the human kingdom is approached, so the Monadic Essence is more noticeable.
When there is formed enough mental material, the unity with the Monad becomes greater. And through a spontaneous impregnation of the Monad and pulsated by the First Logos, the Causal Body will be formed as a focal point of the Monad. The appearance of the Causal body is at the same time the point of creation of the human soul, the individualization of the consciousness. This process of impregnation from the First Logos through the Monad is called the Third Life-stream.

On the buddhic plane the Second Logos manifests as the Christ-principle in man, but on the astral and mental planes of man it appears in the higher part of the astral as higher emotion and on the lower astral as just life-force.


Individualization, Soul and the forming of the Causal Body
The effort of reaching individualization -the first step on the way of Return- must be made from below i.e. by the animal.
When the process of individualization is taking place, the three aspects must all be called forth, nevertheless the first connection can be made as follows:
1. between the lower manas (intellect) and Manas (wisdom)
2. between the emotional body and buddhi
3. between the physical body and Atman
These various ways of making the connection is based on the character of the Master of the animal.
Sometimes there are examples of an abnormal process of individualization, This can happen through exposure to Great Beings and through pride (this happened with Beings in the Seventh Round of the Moon-chain), through fear or hatred (animals which have been treated cruelly by man), through desire for power over others (power such as is sometimes shown by the chief-bull of a herd)

The Causal Body, which is a vehicle of the Soul (the Triple spirit of Atma, Buddhi, Manas) and a storehouse for the essence of man’s experiences, is made of matter of the higher mental plane-the first, second and third mental plane, thus matter-energy on the plane of Manas.. As the Soul develops, its consciousness will be centered on the plane of Buddhi. In a later stage of evolution it will be residing on the plane of Atman. Whilst evil cannot be stored in the causal body, yet the practice of evil may hinder its development.

The relation of the Monad to the Soul
Each Monad is literally a part of God, apparently separated from Him while the Monad is enclosed in the veils of matter. The Monad can never be separated from God, for the very matter in which it veils itself is also a manifestation of the Divine. This Monad expresses itself through the Higher Triad in the individualized Soul. In the average man the Monad is little in touch with the personality and the Soul. But according to the degree that the Soul is controlling the personality (and this depends on the free will of the personality), the Monad gets more control over the soul. The time will come when the Monad will be one with the Soul, just as the personality becomes one with the Soul at the Fifth Planetary Initiation.
Whilst the Monad can be experienced only by an Adept (=One who has reached the Fifth Planetary Initiation) and the existence of it can only be known by an Arhat (=One who has reached the Fourth Planetary Initiation), still we must not make the mistake to think of the Monad as being very far away. For the Monad is the very root of our being.

The relationship of the Personality and the Soul.
The personality is a fragmented portion of the Soul and is an instrument by which the Soul intends to unfold its latent powers. So it puts itself down into successive personalities in a process which is called reincarnation.. Alas, the personality forgets his true mission –his dharma- and goes its own way.

One must not commit the mistake in thinking that there are two entities in man. Whilst there is mostly a great difference between Soul and personality, the difference is not in nature but in activity. The degree of absorbed soul activity by the personality is projected in a energy link between the Soul and the personality, the antahkarana. This antahkarana is mostly perceived as a thread of silver-white light by clairvoyants.

In ordinary men the soul seems to have neither much grip on the personality, nor a clear conception of its purpose in sending the personality forth. In the average man there is a constant strain going on between the astral and mental bodies –aspects of the Lower Triad- The cause and reason for this is that neither of these two bodies are in tune with the Soul or are prepared to act as a vehicle of the Soul.
The soul itself knows the true from the false, but generally when it casts an eye downwards, it finds so crazy a confusion of inconsequent thought-forms that it cannot distinguish anything definite. It seems to turn away in despair and decides to wait for the quietude of the heaven-world after death, before attempting to pick up the fragments of truth out of the chaos. (The disciple on the Path should of course try to bring about this heaven-world-condition while still in the physical body through periods of meditation and contemplation).

When the powers of the Soul are not stirred and attracted by the personality, the personality cannot respond to the higher vibrations of the higher mental planes of the Causal body. This added value to the soul mechanism of the human being can be fully enjoyed only by a new attitude of not permitting the physical, astral and mental body work on their own, but rather under the guidance of the Soul. This guidance of the Soul is acted upon by attracting a Senior-Disciple (mostly called a Master by us) who guides the process of reaching to the higher levels of being.


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