We have invented all types of inventions and nowadays there are also inventions based on our voice. We can control home appliances, cars etc. based on remote speech interaction directly or indirectly by speaking through a voice directed system, (phone and GPS related). (Besides the fact that there are appliances, which can receive our voice via our mobile on a great distance.)

Your car will react if you have a car installed with e.g.Viper SmartStart 3.0 on your voice command to be started etc. In the future man wil invent a system where the car will react on your thought and not just to your voice (remember thought is normally a sub vocal activity).

But when I tell you
that there are people who can hear your thoughts, you begin to doubt the mental state that I am in. What do you think was happening all the time with paranormal persons such as Gijsberth van der Zeeuw, Peter Hurkos, Jeanne Dixon (don’t confuse them with ordinary psychics, please)? And I have met people here on our island who can hear the thoughts of others and they are worried about this phenomena. They didn’t look out for it..

But when I tell you
that all the persons who said/say that God has spoken to them in reality have heard thoughts of perfection with sound according to their wishes from the “Plane of Perfect Ideas” (Plato!!!), then you will stare at me as if I am crazy. I call this Plane the “Plane of Divine Ideas”. I don’t mean with this that God has thought these thoughts. Please, God does nothing. He is Perfection). And to please you, I will say that he is all the time all the thoughts together

But when I tell you
that every time you are blessing another person by wishing him/her the best, are activating Divine Essence in yourself and the other so that blessings are on his way.

Say WOWWWWW, say Aleluia.

I want to ask you if you are willing to be a co-creator with God, blessing others. Its a nice habit still in some countries that parents put hands on their beloved ones to bless them.


About scotua43

Relaxation expert, Reiki master, Lecturer on esoteric subjects, member of different esoteric societies.
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