I consider that when Jesus said “Follow Me” that he was saying to his fellow-Essenes and near friends, that the time was ripe to bring the Universal Truths, taught in the Essene group, outwards in its completeness. John the Baptist made public already part of the Essene Tradition through the ceremony of Baptism, which was a tradition of the Essenes taken over from the Greek Mystery schools.

Male persons will not simply follow another man because he wants such an action. There must have been a certain deliberation about the subject within the meetings of the Essene community, before this action of Jesus.

When Jesus said “Follow me” we have to realize that He could not have meant that the apostles and we are to follow Him just in every outer act. He must have been referring to the practice of the Universal Principles.

Some of these truths are:
1. Jesus emphasized “the Father within.
2. In His salutation in what we term “the Lord’s Prayer” (or “our Lord’s Prayer”) Jesus unified us with Himself in relation to the Fatherhood of God when He said “Our Father.”

3. He always went to a quiet place to enter into the Silence, where is communion wiy the Real Nature of any human being.
4. He healed always emphasizing that the person was healed by his/her own faith.
5. He showed at different moments that mind connected with Divine Consciousness can dominate matter e.g. the stilling of the storm, his healing work,
6. He celebrated Pesach with a typical agape-ritual of the Essene community a ritual, which is also originally of the Greek Mystery schools. The bread was the symbol of matter and consciousness reacting to matter and the wine was symbol of the Spirit.
We must follow the Jesus-thought in us as the leading thought to an process of spiritual awakening.

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Relaxation expert, Reiki master, Lecturer on esoteric subjects, member of different esoteric societies.
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