The Jesus Story and the Planetary Initiations/ Christmas 2014

In different cultures and religions men celebrate the birth of a Master of Truth in a particular way. They celebrate this most of the time with candles, incense, rituals or adoration. This is beautiful. So in the Western culture we are now at the threshold of another Christmas celebration, the celebration of a Master of Truth, called Jesus of Nazareth. We celebrate this feast with pines called Christmas trees, lights, candles, Christmas dinners, rituals.

Enjoy it fully, even if you are not a churchgoer. Enjoy it so that you can feel yourself a part of the vibrations of peace, love and bliss, which are spreading over the whole planet so to synchronize yourself with the soul-vibrations of your fellow-men.

I will share some of my personal views in connection with Jesus the Christ. These views were built up through the following sources: 1.the Bible 2. “Mystical life of Jesus” by Spencer Lewis 3. Writings of Rudolf Steiner 4. Books of Alice Bailey 5. Revelations by Edgar Cayce.
The Christ and religious and spiritual organization according to the great mystic Alice Bailey.
I quote from the book “From Bethlehem to Calvary” written by Alice Bailey.
” Initiation is not a process which a man undergoes when he joins certain organizations, and which can be understood only by such groups. It has nothing to do with societies, esoteric schools and organiza-tions. All that they can do is to teach the aspirant certain well known and basic rules of the road and then have him to understand or not, as his earnestness and development permit, to pass on through the portal as his equipment and destiny allow. The teachers of the race and the Christ-Who is the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike of angels and of men-are not more interested in these
organizations than they are in any movement in the world today which carries illumination and truth to men. The initiates of the world are to be found in every nation, in every church, and in every group where men of good will are to be found working and where world service is rendered.”

The Teachers of the Race are assembled in the Great White Brotherhood, which consists of all human beings, who have reached certain levels of consciousness -high levels of Cosmic Energy- which are called Planetary Initiations. The reaching of these levels of energy is celebrated through a certain ritual by those who have reached since ages before those levels.

The Planetary Initiations of our planet.

Our planet Earth knows 9 Planetary Initiations. Herewith I want to give which attitudes and virtues must be achieved to reach those different energy levels. I will also mention the Ray(s), the Planet(s) and the Master dominating this process and the chakra which will open thereby.

I.Pl 1: Connection between the Inferior Self (Personality) and the Higher Self (Super Ego). Begin of a process of mastery over the instincts and passions.. Ray 7/ Vulcan and Pluto/ chacra 1/Initiator: Bodhisatva
I.Pl 2: Mastery of the first sublevels of the emotional body.. Ray 6/ Neptunus, Venus and Júpiter /chacra ¿/ Initiator: Bodhisaatva
I.Pl 3: Complete Mastery of the emotional body and of the first sublevels of the mental body (the mental body is part of the causal body)The intuition at this stage is well formed. A certain knowledge of the planetary karma and about the plans (the Dharma) for our planet. Membership of the Blue Lodge. Ray 5/ Moon ,Volcan, Uranus amd Mars./ Chacra 6/.Initiator: the highest authority in our Planetary system, representing God: the Sanat Kunara
I.Pl 4: Mastership of the Causal Body and the first sublevels of the Supracausal body. Complete realization about the Planetary Karma. From this point on it’s not necessary to incarnate on the physical plane, nevertheless still the need to incarnate on the astral plane. Total purification of the first chacras. Ray 4/ Mercurius and Saturnus/Initiator: the Sanat Kumara
I.Pl 5: Complete Mastery of the Supracausal. Body. A certain knowledge about the plans for and the karma of the Solar system. The Initiate pertains now to the súper human kingdom. Ray 1/ Uranus and Júpiter/Initiator:
I.Pl 6 This initiation is conferred every 49 years. The last one was conferred in 2001. Complete knowledge about the plans of the Solar Logos. Membership of the White Lodge. The Initiate can choose between 7 different ways of service. Ray 3
I.Pl. 7 Knowledge about the relationship of our solar system and other solar systems. This Initiation is equivalent with the Solar Initiation no 5 and the 1st Initiation of Sirius. Rays 2/ Initiator: Sanat Kumara and all who have achieved this Pl. In.
I.Pl 8 Knowledge about the plans of the Great Dark Brotherhood. Realization of the essence of Good and Bad.. Rays 4, 5,6,7
I.Pl. 9 Rays 1, 2 y 3


Events during the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the Planetary Initiations
There are different great occasions during the public life of Jesus and every one of them have a higher meaning then most persons know.. These occasions refer to the different stages of Consciousness, which we all have to attain during the cycle of reincarnation. In the Mystery schools these cycles of consciousness are called the Planetary Initiations. We call the begin of our cycle on the human plane “birth” and our first advancement on the spiritual plane -the First Planetary Initiation- is also called Birth. After the First Planetary Initiation we are preparing to go to the next round of evolution by working on the sublevels of our emotional vehicle/body.. Baptism (Sotapanna “He who has Entered the Stream”) by water refers symbolically to the great work that we all have to do on our emotional nature (water is symbolic for emotion) so that we can be ready for the Third Planetary Initiation.

For we will have to work on the higher sub-levels of our emotional nature so to reach the process of the Transfiguration on the Mountain. The Transfiguration refers to the Third Planetary Initiation-where we will have to start to work on our mental body.

The Crucifixion is referring to the Fourth Planetary Initiation- we get this initiation when we have mastered all the levels of our causal body. Jesus reached that state while he was nailed on the cross. He did not die there and was carried to a tomb of Joseph of Arimethea who was also a high-ranked member of the Essenes. There he was regenerated by the herbs placed on his wounds and by the resurrection-power of Lord Maitreya. This process is known as the Resurrection. The Resurrection refers to the Fifth Planetary Initiation, the Initiation which will be attained through our mastery of the Supra causal sphere or said in another way, when the personality has fused itself completely with the Wisdom, Force and Beauty of the Supra causal sphere to the sphere of Atman (probably the Church is referring to the supra causal body as Soul). With this initiation we pass over to the Super-human kingdom.

The Ascension is referring to the Sixth Planetary Initiation. The sixth Planetary Initiation and those higher then the Sixth Planetary Initiations has to do with levels of Consciousness which belong to the sphere of the Monad. (During the process of Ascension Jesus did a cloud-experiment –very known in the higher degrees of different ancient and modern mystical organizations-so to disappear from the sight of men and then he walked back to the headquarters of the Brotherhood so to guide from a distance the apostles in their workings. After some time he died there surrounded by the apostles and other members.)

Incarnations of Jesus
Different sources say that the soul-personality manifesting as Jesus was incarnated in a previous incarnations as Zoroaster and much before that as Elijah. According to these sources He was also incarnated as Joshua, son of Nun,, Joshua in the time of Ezra, Joshua in the book of Zecharias.  After his incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth he incarnated as Apolonius of Tyana. During that incarnation he attained his Fifth Planetary Initiation and during the Second World War he was incarnated in Syria where he reached his Sixth Planetary Initiation.

Jesus, Prince of Peace, I open my heart for you and for the secret wisdom given through the different Servants of Light, so that I can reveal the Christ Consciousness within.


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