Divine Love
Divine Love is a inherent principle of Divine Mind. Divine Mind is present in all living beings and is Oneness Consciousness. As Universal Principle it is beyond individual, social group or nation. In Divine Mind is the idea of Universal Unity. Universal Unity is the binding together of all universal substance and consciousness. Divine Mind or Omnipresence, Omnipower, is the only real power in the Universe. In Divine Mind we humans, as beings living not any more in Eternity, perceive different Divine Ideas such as Love, Wisdom, Power etc.

Divine love is impersonal. It is not concerned with whom is loved or what is loved. Divine Love sees perfection everywhere and in everyone. Divine Love is a harmonizing principle in situations where human mind brought misunderstanding, selfishness, gambling with facts and pretending to be the truth. When we love some one within Divine Mind, one has forgiven before the thought of forgiveness comes to the surface of intellect, one is Love without having chosen to love.

Human Love
Human love is love of personality, iits not unconditional love. Its a love based on certain parameters such as instict, habit and emotional satisfaction with their lows and downs. Personality on itself can be most of the time a battlehouse of good and evil. Personality is the total of material thoughts/error thoughts of the forefathers, the race consciousnes and your selection of these thoughts.
Personality is the son out of the house of the father (Lk 15:11-32). The house of the Father is symbol for Divine Mind. Going back to the house of the Father is going towards your Real Nature (likeness of God), it is the allowing of your Real Self to reveal itself to personality. Its not an action of Divinity, becaise Divinity is not captivated by the illusion of time and space. When you let the personality be less, Divinity flows in automatically.
According to the degree of allowing your Real Self and consequently Divine Love, the hold of the personality releases on thoughts of hate, jealousy, envy, accusation, revenge etc. The same one (personality) which has gone out of Divine Realm, is the same one who has to decide to go on the Path of Return.

The allowing of Divine Mind
The allowing of Divine Mind happens during prayer, meditation, moments of repentance and forgiving. For me prayer is holding thoughts of perfection such as thoughts of adoration and meditation is shut up and let Divine Wisdom be revealed. Prayer, meditation and repentance have to do with vertical alignment and forgiveness is in the field of horizontal alignment. We can forgive others, because we have allowed Divine Mind in our life through a new insight and repentance. We can praise others based on our synchronization within Divine Mind.

Repentance is the denial of attachment to matter, to creation and to material conditions even to family ties ( Mt 6:19-21, 24 & Mt 12:46-50). Repentance holds within itself the giving of all credit and praise tothe Formless One. And forgiveness is the releasing of thoughts, which do not contain love towards person(s), social conditions or events.

Heart-centered Metaphysics by Paul Hasselbeck
The Revealing Word. by Charles Fillmore


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