The aim and nature of prayer

Prayer is to have a remembrance of our likeness within God (The Father who dwells within me, does his works. etc Jn 14:10-12) To have that remembrance, we have to go to the status which we had in the house of the Father. It’s a going to the origin and cause of life in general and the existence of the human being.

Prayer is a shifting of our attention from the visible realm around us to the psychological and spiritual aspect of our being. The regular practice of fusing with Divinity brings a more rapid advance in remembrance of our True Nature. And while the nature of prayer manifests more and more of the Divine, the center of operation will shift gradually from the human consciousness to the Divine Consciousness. The reaching of the apex of prayer is accompanied with the loosing of the awareness of time and space. And we will feel established within us, as personality, higher states of love, wisdom and understanding. We as personalities will be moving within It with less pauses and It, which was all the time within us, moves based on our allowingness within the different aspects of our personal life. When our True Nature is 100% revealed, according to the allowing of the personality, we will probably be recognized as Christ (anointed One), as Buddha (illuminated One).

The logic of going to the Source

As a being living in a world of cause and effect, man is always on the search for answers about the chain of causes and effects within the totality of forms and forces. And being on the track of discovering, he notices that the chain has earlier causes and seems as never ending. The scientists notice also that the answers cannot be easily grasped by the intellect and a great part of those investigators are not happy to believe that there is a dimension in consciousness, which can afford all the answers. The upper chamber in the Christian tradition symbolizes the apex of that search. Also the going to the mountains mentioned in the Christian tradition is a symbol of the same.

Two moments in prayer

There are two moments in prayer:

  1. the moment of addressing Divinity
  2. the moment of receiving within human consciousness the splendor of Divinity.

If one of these moments are missing, the purpose of Oneness consciousness isn’t easily reached. Most of the time the second moment, the moment of receiving is missing or has to less emphasis.. The first momentum can be expressed by tools such as chants, traditional prayers, image or statue of a spiritual guide, positive affirmations and acts of adoration. These help in fixing the attention within the Source. The second momentum is called in certain traditions meditation. It is the moment to be quiet, feel the Divine Presence (and listen to the still small voice.

Our God concept is interwoven within our devotional practice

A wrong concept about God is one of the limitations of the human mind. The creative processes of the mind are blocked if the planning of the future is subconsciously subordinated by us to a capricious, revengeful and jealous God. In a certain sense the religious leaders who are selling the ridiculous concept of such a God are doing much harm to Truth. The New Thought philosophy brought about by Free Thinkers gives a better concept about God. Their concept is based on the concept given by Jesus. What you ask the Father will be given, if you have  developed the right mindset to receive.

Is repentance equal to expressing unworthiness?                     

Repentance is admitting that you have missed the mark, that you haven’t expressed the divine qualities. And you cannot mix that understanding by considering yourself as unworthy. You are the son/daughter of God who (again) forgot his/her True Nature and that’s why you had repentance. You forgive yourself and others after that moment of repentance and go on realizing that you as personality and body are a temple of Divinity

Denial to stay fixed in the belief that all others and I are sinners. 

Indeed we have gone out of the House of the Father, out of perfection. Indeed, you and I have missed the mark. But now we decide to claim our Divine Identity and we will act as a Messiah for the other one and we will see in the other the Messiah.


Teach Us to Pray                                     by Charles Fillmore

How to Pray without Talking to God  by Linda Martella Withsett

Hendrik Schotte

Curaçao, August 28, 2015


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