While I am aware that in different spiritual systems (Hinduism, Judaism, Greek Mystery Schools, Christianism, Islam, Paganism, Bahai, American Indians) water is used as a dedication and/or cleansing ritual prescribed by Divinity, I have a personal and pragmatic view on ritual bathing.

In the first place I don’t believe in a God commanding or prescribing to do this or that. Nevertheless I consider that men came to different ideas of illumination by arising on higher levels of consciousness. The ritual bath is one of those ideas.
Ritual bathing is in my vocabulary in the first place as a form of meditation/spiritual recharching. I take the time to cleanse the body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, and while doing that I identify myself with the Holy Spirit/God/Divine Realm., with my Real Nature. That the bathing is at the same time a form to clear my aura of negative energy, to purify my chacras and to have intuition is secondary for me. Where Light is, darkness isn’t. My primary goal is to rise to the higher levels of consciousness, to be in Light, to be in Oneness consciousness.

Surely, there is cleansing. The cleansing that is most important is on the level of sensual thoughts and emotions, on the inferior thoughts within collective consciousness, on the thoughts of fear, worry, anger and separateness.

By this bathing I let the personalty know again and again that the philosophy of going back to the Source has to be put in practice. Personality has to listen to the inner small voice 24/7, it has to be open all the time for the Divine Mind, which is the Source of intellect.

During this cleansing of body, mind and spirit you can chant mantras or recite psalms of adoration of the Supreme One. After taking the ritual bath, You will feel happy, lighter, spiritually cleansed and recharged.


About scotua43

Relaxation expert, Reiki master, Lecturer on esoteric subjects, member of different esoteric societies.
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