The New Thought philosophy, which is a religious philosophy, was developed by great thinkers of Europe and the United States in the last decades of the 19th century. Its purpose was to correct the untruth about God, Jesus, Christ, Holy Scriptures imposed by the architects of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It was as a twin of the science of the psychology movement, which began in 1875. The New Thought movement did not have the intention to attack the doctrines of the existing Christian churches, but to give credit, honor to Truth.

The New Thought movement was based on the teachings of Phineas Quimby (1802–66), an American mesmerist and healer. Quimby had developed a belief system which included the tenet that illness originated in the mind as a consequence of erroneous thoughts.

In the late 19th century, New Thought was propelled along by a number of spiritual thinkers and philosophers such as Emma Curtis Hopkins, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, and emerged through a variety of esoteric schools, religious denominations and churches, particularly Theosophy (1888), the Unity Church (1889), Church of Divine Science (1888), Rosicrucian Order Amorc (1914), Religious Science (1927).

1. An impersonal and universal Divine Principle/Spirit, which is the source of all life in the Universe, in which WE see different aspects such as Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipotence; Immanence and Transcendence; Grace and Law.
2. The human being consists of Spirit, soul and body. The Oneness of Life expresses itself into Spirit, the inner divinity of every human being; the soul, the Personality aspect in each of us, divided in subconsciousness, consciousness, unconsciousness, creating its own destiny through thoughts, words, and actions; the body, the visible vehicle.
3. That human beings have chosen for polarity consciousness (symbolized in the Hebrew Bible by eating of the forbidden fruit) based on their sensuality consciousness (symbolized by the snake) and have to return to Divine Perfection (which is not at all the perfection of a anthropomorfic God, but of an impersonal principle as was stated above).
4. Evil is created by human beings through choosing polarity consciousness and not by so called “fallen angels. The Catholic Church and other Christian churches base themselves on the two chapters Ezekiel xxviii. and Isaiah xiv. explaining them as referring to a great War before Creation, the Epos of Satan’s rebellion (mind you, which was not mentioned by Moses in Genesis for Moses was a too high Initiate to mention such a folcloric story). In reality Ezekiel addresses his lamentations and reproofs to the King of Tyre; Isaiah — to King Ahaz, who indulged in the worship of idols, as did the rest of the nation, with the exception of a few Initiates (the Prophets, so called). I understand Satan to be, not a power opposite to God, but rather a representation of our own consciousness of separation from God. Jesus, one of the Greatest Initiates makes this clear after the three temptations described in Matthew 4 saying ‘Get behind me, Satan.’
5. All have the chance to emerge back in Divine Consciousness. Jesus is one of the human beings, who has attained perfection through total revelation of Spirit/Christ Consciousness. And thus indeed He may be called the only begotte Son of God, a title reserved for the High Initiates.
6. All disease and all lack of happiness is mentally created and can be healed by elevating one’ s consciousness to Spirit. This elevation within Spirit is called prayer or meditation (when it has the part of communion with God). Prayer is thus not inducing God to do something, but is shifting our consciousness from a separation belief and having oneness with God. Oneness consciousness within God and our fellow men bring new creations called miracles.

Differences betweent New Age and New Thought
Different books and blogs put New Age and New Thought under the same headline, but there are great differences between each of them.

1. New age has its origin in the last decades of the 20th century.
New Thought has its origin in the second part of the 19th century.
2. New Age is putting emphasis on phenomenon such as crystals, pyramids, channelings, flying saucers, tantra and other occult trappings.
New Thought as philosophy wants to bring us back to the Father’s house and explain that by revealing the Divine Ideals we will be cured. New Thought bases itself on noumenon.
3. New Agers have most of the time an individual approach to Universal Consciousness jumping from one phenomenon to another one. Even with a tendency to escapism.
New Thought thinkers believe in Oneness Consciousness and thereby believe in group meetings and group meditation to know more of the Silence.
4. New Age groups differ in visions and basic principles
New Thought organizations have decided to be part of an organization (INTA= International New Thought Alliance)* to safeguard their basic principles against wild growth.

* International New Thought Alliance

The International New Thought Alliance is a global organization dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment and transformation of the individual and the world since 1914. Its purpose is to promote cooperation, provide a basis for common effort of the various units of the New Thought world, promote those activities that cannot of their very nature be accomplished by each group or individual alone, disseminate and publish the good news of New Thought, and build a spiritual fellowship that will secure the respect of all human beings.

The concerns of INTA are:
1. Promoting spiritual inspiration and guidance for New Thought ministers, practitioners, teachers, laity, ministries, and groups;
2. Offering Annual World Congresses and local programs throughout the world designed to aid understanding of New Thought and to promote interest in it;
3. As a democratic, umbrella organization, our goal is to be a vehicle for disseminating timeless universal Truths to spiritually awaken, empower, transform, and connect individuals globally.
4. Encouraging educational excellence throughout the New Thought movement;
5. Preserving New Thought’s rich heritage through archival and other work, promoting the effectiveness of New Thought practices, encouraging the constant rethinking of its theoretical foundations, helping all New Thoughters to grow in their awareness of the One Presence and One Power of Good, the Infinite Good, and being of service to the world in achieving peace, prosperity, and wellness in all dimensions of existence.

My claims against Theosophy as a New Thought student
1. Theosophy instead of using another definition for the word God, prefers to use the description “Absolute One” and says that there is no God. Why they don’t want to understand that New Thought has another and better concept of God than most worldreligions.
2. Theosophy says that prayer is against the right concept of the Law of Karma instead of being aware that New Thought has a completely other concept about prayer than the different world religions and (nearly) the same concept of Theosophy.

My claims against Christianity

Christianity says that New Thought is based on pagan beliefs, while they know very well that:

  1. their beliefs about God  doing this or that in time and space is in reality beliefs of the pagans. Its a God persuaded by prayers and offerings.
  2. the Baptism*, the Holy Meal* and the Anointment rituals were taken from the Greek Mystery schools.
  • Jesus was a Nazarene and in that community they had rituals from the Greek Mystery Schools.

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